Infection Management Division

Duke Medical Solutions has established the Infection Control Management division since we identify critical needs, challenges and business opportunities to give solutions, technologies and technical service and representing numerous international companies in the infection control management market operating in a variety department in the public and private sector. under this division, the technical service teams have to operate with professionalism and best service to its customer and bring solutions 24/7.

The international companies, which are represented in this division, are worldwide leading companies and Duke Medical Solutions’ business partners in Israel:

  • Steelco Miele’ Group
  • SteriMed Group
  • Key Surgical Group
  • Interlock and Clinipak Group
  • Propper
  • Printex

Eran Arongi is leading the Infection control management division and responsible for the sales force and the technical service force teams, which is operating in the Medical, Pharma and Food industries for the public and private sectors. the sales team is engineering.

The sales force is required to have a great customer relationship in order to adapt in a complex sales environment and the ability to penetrate into the market with new technologies over time mainly in Capital and disposables. The sales force is being certified in house and at the supplier facilities overseas to become specialized in order to give best treatment, product and solutions to the patients, better collaboration in the field with customers and all stakeholders to promote the field of Medicine in Israel.

The Infection control management division responsible for the technical service teams, which are operating in the Medical, Pharma and Food industries for the Public and Private sectors. The technical service force is very experienced, highly certified, very professional and the leading technical service force in Israel. The technical service force must be updated on regularly basis and be Re-Certified all the time at the supplier facilities overseas in order stay innovative, attractive and reliable in this dynamic and competitive market.

Two independence Entities are under the responsibility of the Infection control management division:

  • Validation and Calibration Lab with ISO 17025
  • ETO sterilization Center with ISO 13845

A dedicated and specialized team is responsible for these entities and the responsible to give unique solutions and technical service for variety of industries. This technical service force is representing leading and specialized international companies such as: ellab Validations and Solutions