The Logistic division in Duke Medical Solutions is a unique and modern one and managed successfully by Orit Mor.  This Logistic division is very well structured in order to give an operational flexibility and customized service and solutions for the Medical device and equipment market along with the technical Services which allows them to give top level services to our customers and suppliers mainly in Medical, Pharma and the food industries.

The Logistic division in Duke MS is modern with an independence and integral structure which allows the company many capabilities, mainly the ability to be highly customized to our differential customers and suppliers’ needs and the operational flexibility over time.

Duke Medical Solutions has the privilege and strength to distribute many partners and suppliers with a variety and the flexibility to absorb new partners and suppliers over time due to the specialized human capital, modern structure and unique operational capabilities of the logistic division.

The Sub Divisions of our Logistic division are as follow:

  • Customer Service Sub Division
  • Importing Sub Division
  • Inventory management Sub Division
  • Distribution Sub Division
  • Inspection control Sub Division
  • Quality and Regulation Sub Division

Duke Medical Solutions invest in many resources along the logistic chain focusing on the demands of the quality and regulation evolution in our core business markets. The company believe that quality and regulation are the main factor driven to assure safe and effective logistic chain for our products and services to our different customers and suppliers.

The company driven for modern structure of the logistic division allows the usage of the most advanced technologies for the distribution with temperature and humidity control systems along the logistic chain and taking fully responsibility from customs in Israel all the way to our warehouse to the customer site.

The company has variety of advanced logistic solutions such as:

  1. Fully computerization of all company’s logistic process
  2. The ability to distribute variety products and services:
  • Products for 15-25 degrees
  • Cooling Products for 2-8 degrees
  • Freezing Products under 20 degrees
  • Hazardous material
  • Equipment and disposables (Medical Device)
  1. Semi Automotive systems for distribution
  2. Online inspection Control
  3. Stock management systems and technologies

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