Steelco SpA is an Italian company leader in the production of devices and apparatus for the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization specifically designed for the medical, laboratory, research and pharmaceutical industries.
Steelco offers to its clients complete and customized solutions.

The company Expertise and Innovative Solutions for the Infection Prevention market. STERIMED products play a crucial role in protecting the medical devices that they are used to package. After sterilization and until opening, they are the sole barrier that guarantees the sterile state of the device, and must therefore guarantee:

  • that the packaged product is physically protected
  • that the integrity of the packaging is maintained
  • that the sterility of its contents is maintained
  • aseptic presentation at the time of opening
  • Traceability and biocompatibility
With 3 main brands:
Sterisheet - Infection prevention solutions for patient care units
Propypel - Sterilizable materials for manufacturing hospital pouches and reels
Ethypel - Packaging solutions for medical device manufacturers

Propper Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of disposable medical devices specializing in sterilization monitoring devices and services. Propper serves the traditional healthcare industry as well as dental, veterinary, biotech, pharmaceutical, and many other markets. Propper Manufacturing is a top trusted brand, bringing precision, reliability, and reproducibility to all our customers since 1935. The company’s mission is to provide high quality, eco-conscious infection control products that will aid in the mission of eliminating hospital acquired infections.