Customer Service

The Customer Service team in Duke Medical Solutions is one of the basic foundation in the logistic division and play an important role in the company. The team is highly experienced, professional and expertized that create a tremendous added value to our customers and partners providing varieties of services to the public and private sector and 

שירות לקוחות דיוק

Our Customer Service Team is in the frontline technology as part of the company vision. The team is highly available, flexible with varieties of abilities to provide daily solutions 24/7 for our customers, suppliers, partners and its employees.


Daily Delivery- Fixed and well-planned distribution all over the country –

Urgent Delivery- 3- 5 Hours distribution all over the country –

Emergent Delivery- An emergent distribution 24/7 for life saving all over the country –

Call Center

The Customer Service team has an In House Call Center as part of the company’s service for our Technical Service teams and their customers for better availability and effectiveness in order to provide the best service and business flexibility which bring an added value for our market.

The call Center is 24/7!