Company Profile

Duke Medical Solutions is a leading company in sales and marketing of Equipments, disposables, medical technologies and variety of technical services and solutions of variance industries in Israel. The Company was established in 2016 by Doron Cohen and Uri Grunwald, which both have tremendous experience and record in marketing and sales, people and business development in the medical industry, mainly in one of the biggest and most influential worldwide: Johnson & Jonson Medical.

Duke Medical Solutions was established after discovering needs and demands in the medical market in order to combined innovative technologies and business providing solutions, variety of technical services and advanced technologies for the public and private institutions, private clinics and homecare in Israel and around the world. The company represent international leading companies with a mutual vision for the commitment to improve the level of medicine and quality of life in Israel. Duke Medical Solutions’ is partnered with exclusivity with all of its suppliers which are from the United states, Europe and Japan leading their industries in R&D and marketing in Medicine.

 Duke Medical Solutions has the capabilities to address and adapt to the ongoing change of dynamics in the medical industry in Israel and around the world. Life expectancy is keeping rising so there are existing and better technologies, procedures and treatments for many more diseases; therefore, there are needs to be covered by finding solutions and customization to bridge over in order to give the best treatment, the right technology with a cost-effectiveness for our customers and the patients.

Duke Medical Solutions believe in promoting innovative technologies in order bring into the market break thru products and technologies in both commercial and research aspects. The company has the experience needed to represent and be part of startup companies that helps developing the medical market in Israel and around the world.

In Duke Medical Solutions, the sales and technical service teams are highly achieved, certified and well known because of their professionalism and expertise. Duke Medical Solutions believe of continually development of its capital human resource. The company is focusing on the fields of: Interventional cardiology, radiology intervention and vascular, OR and Endoscopy, Colposcopy and GYN, CSSD, Sterilization and Infection control, Validation and Calibration.

Duke Medical Solutions is very proud of its Logistic Division. This division is modern and unique with experience and certified team that allows operational independency and the ability to provide service to our sales and technical service teams and to all of our products, technologies and service. This unique platform allows the company to provide a professional and effective service with the operational flexibility and customizations to all of our customers and suppliers and mostly the capability to be able to expand by absorbing new partners for business growth.